TopscoreDAT Guide for Predental Students

Predental Timeline

Freshman Year

Classes & Activities

Classes 1. General Chemistry 1 & 2 W/ Labs 2. Calculus 3. Biology 1 and 2 w/ labs 4. English ( one year is required) , if not completed already. 5. Explore Volunteer opportunities 6. Join your Pre-dental Club
Virtual Shadowing

Sophomore Year

Classes & Activities

1. Organic Chemistry 1 & 2 w/ Labs 2. Anatomy and/or physiology 3. Upper Level Bio Electives
Shadow a general dentist

Junior Year

Classes & Activities

1. Physics w/Labs 2. Biochemistry 3. Other Upper-Level Biology Electives
Enroll in topscoredat Course and start Preparing for the DAT. Plan to take it in your Junior year but only when you feel 100% ready.

Senior Year

Classes & Activities

1. Complete Major Classes and dental school requirements. Continue taking upper science classes 2. Start building your personal statement and ask for letters of recommendation early. 3. plan to send your complete application early ( an incomplete application will not get review by the committee and will be place in hold)
Good Luck!!

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