Target weak areas

Our cash course is designed to target your weak areas on every topic.

small group setting

Our courses are tought in small group settings to help you gain a better understanding and allow time to work on individual weakness

Recorded Lectures

All our lectures are recorded so you can have the freedom to review concept at your own time.

Learn Strategies and Foundation

we combine strategies but also give you the foundation to master every topic for the DAT exam.

our popular fundamental courses

Course’s time availability are constantly being updated. If the course you want is at full capacity, check back later to see if any other openings became available. 


General Chemistry

Limited Spots Available

Date: December 1st-8th

Time: 9:00 AM, EST

Duration per session: 2 hr


Organic Chemistry

Limited Sports available

Date: December 1st-8th

Time: 12:00 AM, EST

Duration per session: 2 hr


Quantitative Reasoning 

Limited spots available

Date: December 9th

Time: 10:00 AM, EST

Duration per session: 4 hr

Our clients say

"This course is amazing. I graduated in 2001 and a barely remember anything about General Chemistry. Thanks to this course I got the foundation I needed"
Hilary Leigh
Chem course
"Sao is the beast when talking about the science"
Hall Read
Orgo/Chem course
"Well I just wanted to say that this course save my scores"
Quintin Angus
QR course
"My exam was in a moth when I found this dat course. I was so weak on my science. I contacted SAO and she got me into the courses that were already full. I appreciate that so much. She explained so clear and fun that you understand smoothly "
Jillie Tempest
Orgo/Chem course
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