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Reading Comprehension Daily Practice

Strategy for this section: Complete this short exams everyday so you can master your speed and strategies Change your strategies or adapt different ones to your own style Find out what works best FOR YOU Read every day complete the practice exams.


My best advice for this section is: 1. Study 10 pages a day, fully understanding the basic concept and the main idea. 2. Create your own compress notes, which you will review, and do your Anki flashcards dues every day without procrastinating. 3. When you finished your Dat biology content review, start the practice exams, …

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Organic Chemistry

Course Strategy Take your time for each lecture Complete assigments for each topic and review them.  Add lecture notes and key concepts to your Anki deck and do them every day.  Do reactions Anki deck every day.  Only when you finish Lecture, Homework, start the practices exam and continue doing your Anki decks. schedule your …

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