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Who created TopscoreDAT and why?

What is TopscoreDAT™?

TopscoreDAT™ is an online educational program that revolutionized the DAT test prep industry. TopscoreDAT™ provides the highest quality DAT studying material at an affordable price. Our practice exams are constantly updated to the current year and major changes in the actual DAT Exam. Both practice exams and studying resources are focused in DAT preparation and are the most high-yield content a pre-dental student could have to demolish the DAT. 


TopscoreDAT™ material is very challenging. You have lectures, flashcards review in a daily basis, quizzes, midterms and finally practice exams. You also have, direct communication with your tutors, and guidance along your preparation. The material is structure in that way so we can maximize your  potential to achieve a 20+ DAT score. 


TopscoreDAT™ have no shortcuts in learning but yet we teach you the needed foundation to demolish the DAT Exam. 



Who is the Founder of


Hello there, you can call me Lola. I recently took the DAT exam and scored 30 TS 28 AA. I studied Business in my hometown at the Universidad Iberoamericana (UNIBE), did my undergrad at the Florida International University (FIU), and a Master in Biomedical Science at Barry University. I graduated from the University of Florida College of Dentistry and practice in Miami, Fl since 2010. 

While preparing for the DAT Exam, I felt that many of the DAT prep courses did not give me what I needed. Most virtual courses are just that “virtual.” I needed to feel engaged and feel that I was not alone in this journey. Most courses make you believe that if you conquer “timed exams,” you will succeed, and if you think that, you are getting the wrong idea and wasting your money. 

Is very difficult to find a DAT prep course that genuinely cares for their students. Most of them recycle materials from different sources and sell them as ” DAT” material. I had to use many resources, spend a lot of money, and the companies that praised themself being representative were not. As a result, I had to work a lot harder to score high on the DAT.

I decided to create TopscoreDAT™ study group to help predental students understanding the material and provide mentorship free of charge. After hundreds of request, I decided to create TopscoreDAT™. This program includes all the resources, techniques, and technology that helped me conquer the DAT and achieve a high score. To learn more about this course create a free account with us .

To know more about the DAT, updates and how to study : click here 

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