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Who created TopscoreDAT and why?

What is TopscoreDAT™?

TopscoreDAT™ is an online educational program that revolutionized the DAT test prep industry. TopscoreDAT™ program includes a complete DAT Exam course with current cycle application review. The cycle application review program, will go over your application and give you personalized feedback and guidance to make your application stand out..

Unlimited Questions banks, OC Reactions generator, PAT generators, innovative scheduling system that will give you a personalized schedule according to your own needs, and the best part is that everything is included in just one price.


Our program includes 20 hours of private tutoring, live assistance, end of the course feedback, and much more. As you can see, our program is totally different from any other program, and this is why we are trusted by pre-dental students and top universities. 


We specialized in nontraditional applicants and applicants that English is their second language and are committed to improving their material understanding. 


Who is the Founder of



Hello there, you can call me Lola. I recently took the DAT exam and scored 30 TS 28 AA. I am from the Dominican Republic and a mother of three beautiful kids. I studied Business in my hometown at the Universidad Iberoamericana (UNIBE), did my undergrad at the Florida International University (FIU), and a Master in Biomedical Science at Barry University. 

I had a long journey to conquer, between learning English to completing my education, and I found myself making my own strategies because everywhere I was looking, something was missing. 

While preparing for the DAT Exam, I felt that many of the DAT prep courses did not give me what I needed. Most virtual courses are just that “virtual.” I needed to feel engaged and feel that I was not alone in this journey. Most courses make you believe that if you conquer “timed exams,” you will succeed, and if you think that, you are getting the wrong idea and wasting your money. 

Is very difficult to find a DAT prep course that genuinely cares for their students. Most of them recycle materials from different sources and sell them as ” DAT” material. I had to use many resources, spend a lot of money, and the companies that praised themself being representative were not. As a result, I had to work a lot harder to score high on the DAT.

I decided to create TopscoreDAT™ study group to help predental students understanding the material and provide mentorship free of charge. After hundreds of request, I decided to create TopscoreDAT™. This program includes all the resources, techniques, and technology that helped me conquer the DAT and achieve a high score. 

Welcome to the program built for you.

We can all find success in our journey if we can all find the right guidance. We are people that really care for your success and understand. Please give us your trust so you can see your DAT score elevate to the top.


Ready to get started???

"It always seems impossible until it's done."-Nelson Mandela

TopscoreDATTM, you will never be alone studying for the DAT Exam. We will guide you from the beginning until the end. 
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