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TopscoreDAT™ material is very challenging. You have lectures, flashcards review in a daily basis, quizzes, midterms and finally practice exams. You also have, direct communication with your tutors, and guidance along your preparation. The material is structure in that way so we can maximize your  potential to achieve a 20+ DAT score. 

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Yes, we offer PayPal credit which provides flexible payments with easy approval. 

All depend on the program you picked. We have live lecture, self-pace with recorded lectures or just practice test pack.   

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Do not worry, We provide a general schedule to follow but upon request, we will format a personalize schedule according to your own needs. 

Once you enroll in the program, you simply send us an email with your current schedule and we will adapt the program to your own unique needs. 

You will have direct communication with your tutor, there you can ask as many question during business hours but if you still need assistance, you  have  20 hours of private tutoring available.  Just send us an email with the topic to schedule you session  72 to 48  hours before the desire date.  

Everybody is different and come from different background. Only you can decide whether to take a full semester or not, but we advise you to dedicate special time to the program. This is a 12 weeks intense program, and we require you to follow the schedule build according to your needs.

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The program will provide you with every tool to conquer the exam. Everybody study in different ways and to make sure you are in the right track with the material, we will work with you from the beginning to the end, giving you the necessary feedback that will allow you to be successful in this journey.

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