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Private Tutoring

Here I help you understand concepts. I enforce active learning where we work on problems and peer teaching. 

Direct Communication

During your studying time, just send me a message, and I will answer your questions and even create an explanatory video just for you.

Personalized study schedule

Study only what you need but effectively. I teach you how to organize your time and integrate an effective DAT study schedule into your lifestyle.

Classroom Setting

The course gives you a classroom feeling where you find lectures, quizzes, midterms, and final exams just as if you were in a college class.

High Yield Content

From quizzes, midterms, and practices exams. We have the most representative DAT content available.

All you need with structure and accountability

I give you everything you need to score a DAT 20+. the program is very structured with straight to a point explanations. 

The most powerful and updated resource available for the current DAT

TopscoreDAT offers a powerful and efficient study tool that combines foundation with active learning. All-in-one course to boost your DAT score to the next level.


Study efficiently and save time with a program designed to target every weak areas in your understanding.  

DAT Biology Videos

Our videos target specific areas that are important for the DAT and teach you how to understand the topic.

Get everything you need to prep for the current DAT, from lectures, review notes plenty of practice and personalized tutoring.

Save Time, Money and Study Efficiently for the DAT Exam

We give you the strategies, foundation, and DAT study resources with only the material you need for the current DAT exam. 

Start Studying With the Best DAT Prep Course

Why Choose Us to prepare for the DAT?

  TopscoreDATTM    is the only true all-in-one course available today. 

Our program includes the material, on-demand videos, live support, tutoring, 
and hundreds of practice exams for you to conquer the DAT exam. 

Some of our Success stories

"This program is amazing. My tutor helped me with everything. She when above and beyond to see me succeed. I will always be grateful"
Emma Hart
“English is my second language, and I finally felt that someone understood my struggle. I receive strategies according to my own need, and the support was priceless.”
Eddie Johnson
“In this program, you don't pay only for an excellent online course. You pay for a community that cares. This was my third time taking the exam, and this program prepared me and helped me believe in myself again. ”
Jonathan Doe
This program is intense, but their personalized scheduling makes it so easy. I work full time, and I didn't know where to start, but as soon as I enrolled in the course, I schedule a one on one with my tutor, and she help me format the right schedule that works specifically for me"
Mike Edward
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